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 Trade Rules

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PostSubject: Trade Rules   Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:06 pm

-- Trade Rules --

All Trades are 3:2:1 Ratio unless specified other wise.

There is a zero tolerance for dishonoring a trade agreement.

All details of the trade must be disgust in-game, in the
private section or other form of personal messaging.

Trade Agreement titles must include; The Type of Resource,
Ammount and Wanted Resource.

When a trade is complete, please say.

There are NO refunds. Supply must speak to Buyer
(or other way round)
if they are unsatisfied or wish the return of there goods.
Reason for this Must be given to the Buyer/supplier
if either are dissatisfied, message me on the forum.

Quote :
If you have any questions, please ask through the Q & A forum.


You know the rules, Respect them!
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Trade Rules
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