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 The way to get big -- ozzy style :-)

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PostSubject: The way to get big -- ozzy style :-)   Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:58 am


For those that have alot of time on their hands or need some help on how to structure playing this game then listen up! Razz

First of all, Create your account! haha Razz

Next you need to get your mines up to 10/8/6, Then start making some research as you will need small cargoes for raids etc etc... Once you can successfuly research small cargoes you need to start raiding inactives ( the players with (i) next to them ) then with the farmed resorces build defences with it.. So with your mine resorces you should spend it on building more mines... do this untill your mines are at 18/16/14 and your defences are at 500 rl and 500 ll.... you wont have the technology for better defences yet.. so when your at that stage of mines and defences you need to start researching for colony ships/better defences.. once the colony ships are available mass colonise! lol, make sure you have all plannet fields above 200 and go for slots 4-6.. if you want to be a fleeter you will want spread out plannets across galaxys 1-3.. if your a miner you will want your plannets across 2 galaxys but plannets close together ( quicker res transport ) . once you have colonised all plannets you need to work on them 1 by 1 to get them the same as your homeplannet.. Obiously you will have sc for your raiding for defences.. once all your plannets mines are at 18/16/14 you will need to start researching, get all researches to a good level and have most defences/ships available.. once this is completed build the heavier defences to a optimum level. Once this is completed on all plannets, you will need to build your mines up keeping the metal mines 2 above crystal and crystal mines 2/1 above deuterium.

If your a fleeter you would want to get your mines up to 26/24/23 so you can build LF quickly for moonshots, then once you have a couple of moons you will start building fleet, making sure you keep the ratio to:

2 LF - 1 HF
2 HF - 1 CR
2 CR - 1 BS
1 BS - 1 BC
2 BS - 1 dessie/bomber

But if your a miner... you will want to get your mines to 26/24/22 and then build defences to 2.5k rl, 2.5k ll, 500 hl, 100 gauss, 500 ic, 50 pt and 50 abm thats on EVERY plannet! Then you can build all mines up freely to whatever level you want! i know some miners that are at 35/30/30 on all plannets!

Also you will need either 50 LC or 500 SC per plannet for res transport..

Anything else anyone needs to know just ask me..

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The way to get big -- ozzy style :-)
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